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Tired of trying to raise funds selling overpriced goods like wrapping paper and chocolates like every other group in your area??  Why not try something truly different?  Home & Garden Party offers several different types of fundraisers.  Our most popular, by far, is our 10oz jar candle.  Our 10 oz hand poured candles come in eleven different scents. They have attractive labels showing a warm country scene depicting a picture which coordinates with the particular scent. They burn for approximately 50 hours. They are scented throughout with only the finest oils. As a member of the National Candle Association, we follow the strictest standards, including using lead-free wicks which are completely safe to burn.

Whether you represent a small group or a large organization, Home & Garden Party can help you meet your fundraiser needs.  Take a look below to find out how!

What makes candles such great fundraising products?

* Candles are used in 7 out of 10 American households. According to the National Candle Association (, “U.S. candle consumer retail sales for 2001 are projected at $2.3 billion, not including candle accessories.” A substantial portion of these sales are expected to be in the third quarter since the Fall and holiday seasons account for nearly 60% of most annual retail business sales.

* Candles make a great impulse buy. It is a consumable product, available in many different scents to please each individual’s taste, makes an excellent gift (reflected LARGELY in sales during the gift-giving season), and ours are priced under $10 - the ideal range for impulse buy items.

* Home & Garden Party fund-raiser candle prices do NOT have to be inflated beyond retail prices in order for your group to make a profit. While many fundraising companies offer usable products, many times the prices are over-inflated to be able to cover the promised profit to the organization. When this happens, oftentimes this has an effect on the quantity of items a consumer will purchase (how many rolls of $10 wrapping paper or $12 chocolate Easter bunnies will a person buy when they’re available at retail establishments for less than half the price?). As the proposal shows, the most popular candle company in the Northeast sells their candles for a retail cost of $19.99 for a 22 oz candle (91 cents per oz). Even at a cost of $8 per 10oz Home & Garden Party candle, our price per ounce is only 80 cents. This reflects itself in our sales.

The bottom line is the consumer will recognize that they can support your organization, receive a quality product which they regularly purchase for themselves or for gift giving, and still pay a reasonable price. This is WHY Home & Garden Party candle fund-raisers have been so successful.

How much can you make for your group selling Home & Garden Party candles?

Profit Chart Using the $6 per Jar Sales Figure (12 candles per case)

Profit Chart Using the $7 per Jar Sales Figure

Profit Chart Using the $8 per Jar Sales Figure

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